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Botanicals - Edwards

Sydenham T. Edwards
The Botanical Register c. 1815-1847
copperplate engravings, original hand color
size approx. 5-/2" by 9" to 6-1/4" by 9-1/2"

These beautiful copperplate engravings on high quality paper with original hand color are from The Botanical Register: Consisting of Coloured Figures of Exotic Plants cultivated in British Gardens. With William Curtis (founder of Curtis Botanical Magazine) as his mentor, Sydenham T. Edwards (1769? - 1819) came to London from Wales. After serving as the principal artist of Curtis Botanical Magazine for its first 28 years, Edwards severed his connection with William Curtis' successor in 1815 and began this rival periodical. Vols. 1-13 were published 1815-27, with designs principally by Edwards, M. Hart and Miss Drake. They were followed by Vol. 14 and New Series, Vol. 1, in 1828 and continued by J. L. Lindley as Vols. 15 - 33 and New Series Vols. 2-20 from 1829-47.

A contemporary of Edwards, Robert Sweet, published his own "The British Flower Garden," Geraniceae" (Geraniums) and other publications in a similar format and size. For this reason the paper size, plate mark and quality of the publications of all three men (Curtis, Edwards and Sweet) can be grouped together to make a stunning display of art.

Most of the plates depicted here are from the earlier Vols. 5 - 7 and are on taller paper, measuring approx. 6-1/4" by 9-1/2" (however some plates measure 5-1/2" by 9"). Each fold-out double plate measures approx. 9" by 10-1/2." One edge is slightly uneven where the print was attached to the book., but this will not affect framing. The original descriptive text and a copy of the title page are available to the purchaser for most of these plates. A number of plants in this series native to the Eastern United States and to Australia are featured here on the web page, and more will be offered in our Fall 2006 eBay auctions under "ladycavalier."

Ref: Sitwell, Great Flower Books (1990), p. 157; Blunt, Art of Botanical Illustration (1950) pp. 213, 221

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